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Benefits / key points

Modern takes on traditional formulas.

Available in trays and beads.

Creamy textures for smooth application.

Bio-based plant resins for superior grip.

Are you a creature of habit? Love the golden oldies? Or do you simply prefer the original waxing methods that paved the way?


If so, come and sit next to us, we’re going to be the best of friends.Our tray-based traditional waxes come in easy-to-pop pucks and are enriched with medicinal paraffin to prevent the brittleness and crystallisation that be leaguer cheaper contenders. Responding to market demand, our three most popular formulas are now also available in beads, allowing for quick top-ups throughout the day. We’ve also added beeswax for extra emollience and pliability. There’s a reason our classic formulas have stood the test of time: a tried-and-true pairing of maximum results with maximum comfort, trusted by generation after generation of waxers. There’s nothing old school about that.