Benefits / key points

Great add-on treatment for clients.

Powerful moisturization for the hands, feet and face.

Creates relaxing warmth that has therapeutic benefits for arthritis and musclesoreness.

Specialist cosmetics to amplify treatment outcomes in the salon and at home.

Depilève Paraffin-icon

Hands up, who loves a bit of pampering from time to time? Especially if it results in gorgeously soft, deeply moisturized and luminous skin, too.


For those who haven’t yet met the rest of the Depilève family, allow us to introduce our fabulous paraffin products. A natural outcome of our love for all things wax-related, Depilève paraffin wax treatments operate like a mini-sauna for the hands, feet and face: by trapping heat and moisture the paraffin not only has a wonderfully soothing effect, but also opens the pores toenable enhanced absorption of active ingredients. Combined with our specialist cosmetics, the upshot is super-soft skin and a glowing complexion that lasts and lasts. We’re deeply dippy about paraffin, as you can probably tell. Why not dive in and enjoy its curative benefits for yourself?