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Benefits / key points

Low working temperature for increased client comfort

Applied in thin, economical layers and removed without strips.

Fast drying waxes that remain pliable when set.

Ideal for all facial, intimate and delicateareas.

Depilève Wax-film-icon

What’s that you say? A revolutionary, 3rd generation wax that combines all the benefits of traditional waxing with the best of strip wax methodology and ingredients?


But surelly taht would be the stuff of fantasy? Well, follicle for agers, all your wishes really can come true with Depilève film waxes. Our fantastic allow-temperature creations are like magic: easy to apply in thin, economical layers; quick to dry but supple when set; gentle on the skin but tough on hair,for clean, comfortable removal by hand (abracadabra–no paper strips required!). What’s more, ourbio-based formulas ensure perfect epilation of all hair types, anywhere onthe face and body, while respecting sensitive skins and delicate areas. You’re not dreaming–you’re waxing with Depilève.