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Benefits / key points

Cosmetics for every skin and hair type.

Waxing is more comfortable for clients and easier for therapists.

Products that respect and reward the skin, both before and after epilation.

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Pssst. Did you know we were the first companyto introduce the concept of waxing as askincare treatment, rather than simply a method of hair removal?


While everyone else was sending clients out the door with little more than a wipe down with a wet towel, Depilève was wowing salon customers with cosmetics that genuinely helped to protect, hydrate and replenish their freshly waxed skin.

It’s a philosophy we proudly promote to this day: better skincare means better waxing results, for you and your clients. Our simple, 3-step protocol includes specialist pre-and post-wax products designed to prepare, soothe and nourish the skin at each stage of hair removal. With luxurious formulation sand novel ingredients, our approach means less “ow” and more“wow” for every customer that comes through your door.