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Highly fluid, bio-based formula enriched with emollient mineral oil. Strong adherence on all hair types assures speedy and efficient waxing, all at a cost-conscious price.

Roll-on Cartriges : 100 ml



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This wax is specifically formulated for larger body areas such as arms, legs, and back. It’s suitable for all hair types from short, stubby hair to longer and softer ones.
Fluid texture
This wax is formulated with Bio-Based Resin enriched with Medicinal Mineral Oil.
Cleanse skin with Pre-base gel, apply a thin layer of wax to the skin using the cartridge, apply a strip over the wax, and remove firmly. Apply Folisan on the area to prevent ingrown hairs and finish with Milk or Oil cleansing.
Store in a cool and dry place. Protect from heat and direct sunlight.
Cosmetic use. professional use. External use only. Do not use it on damaged or sensitized areas. Keep out of the reach of children. Warning: very hot and can cause burns. Avoid breathing in the vapors emitted from the hot wax.

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Roll-on Cartriges

100 ml