Bio-based resin, natural buritu oil and our highest-ever concentration of pure beeswax gives this wax amazing platicity, allowing it to be applied over entire sections of the body and then removed in one go – without snapping. Offer your clients a fast and confortable hair removal method like no other.

Beads: 5 kg


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The amazonian epilation method is an excllusicve Brazilian technique, teamed with Depilève technical expertise in wax manufacturing for the perfect partnership. We have created an ultra-flexible wax with an extremely high beewax content an added skin-conditioning buriti oil. THIS WAX DOES NOT BREAK WHEN REMOVED
  • Fast, easy ad less messy
  • Multi-directional application
  • Low temperatur, extremely flexible formulation
  • Ultimate client confort
Face, intimate and sensitive areas.
This wax is formulated with Bio-Based Resin, Pure beeswax and natural buriti oil
External use only. Do not use on damaged or sensitized areas. Do not breathe the fumes from the heating product. Warning: Very hot wax, can cause burns. Keep out of reach of children. Professional use. Cosmetic use.
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5 kg