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Cerazyme DNA Rejuvenation Mask Wax

Cerazyme DNA Rejuvenation no-strip mask wax

No-strip wax made with mineral resin that prevents skin reactions, highly recommended even for the most sensitive of skin types. This patented wax has a dual-colour thermal system that allows the professional to keep an eye on application times: it is a vivid and translucent purple colour when spread on the area with a spatula. This tone indicates that the wax is facilitating the absorption of active ingredients. When the wax changes to a lighter lilac colour, the professional knows that it has performed its action and is ready to be removed. After removal, the skin appears smooth, soft, hydrated, bright and free of dead skin cells.

Gently but effectively removes hair, even on the most sensitive skin types. Open pores to allow for the absorption of active ingredients contained in the wax –Marine DNA Strands and Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF)–as well as those applied beforehand. It works as an osmotic mask, enhancing the skin's hydration and optimising the absorption of active ingredients. It also boosts blow flow in the area, nourishing, reactivating and revitalising tissue.

400 g · VCDECZ400

800 g · VCDECZ800

Useful Tips

Enhance its "Dermaplaning" effect –effective exfoliation of the skin that removes dead skin cells and hair– by applying the body concentrate and balm every day at home.

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