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Cerazyme Depilbright Wax

Cerazyme Depilbright no-strip wax

Extra Film no-strip wax made from rosin for a smooth and pain-free wax treatment, perfect for even the most sensitive skin. Opens pores to allow for the absorption of anti-pigment active ingredients contained in the wax as well as those applied beforehand. It then acts as an osmotic mask, enhancing the skin's hydration and optimising the absorption of active ingredients such as Alpha-Arbutin and White Mulberry extract. It also boosts blood flow in the area, nourishing, reactivating and revitalising the tissue.

400 g · VCDERB400

500 g · VCDERBP50

Useful Tips

Keep skin feeling soft thanks to its exfoliating effect by applying the body concentrate and lotion at home.


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