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Five Depilève products to take on holidays

Five Depilève products to take on holidays

By Depilève

We want to join you on your holidays to keep taking care of your skin... will you take us with you? This time we are going to talk about five post-waxing and skincare products that are ideal for holiday pampering.

Folisan Intimate: its 8-ml roll-on format makes it perfect for travelling. As you know, it is one of our most popular products that helps prevent the spread of ingrown hairs. If you want to find out more about folliculitis, read this post. It is a summer essential for when we suffer most from ingrown hairs in areas including the groin, thighs and armpits.

Cerazyme Soft Bright Hand Cream: our brightening hand cream is a must-have for your handbag and, of course, your holiday cosmetic bag. With an oil-free formula, it is perfect for summer months, moisturising from deep within and plumping wrinkles caused by dryness.

Gold Concentrate: It is a hair growth inhibitor formulated using papaya extract. Its vial format means you can take it on holidays, allowing you continue the treatment to weaken and slow down hair growth. It also contains vitamin E to hydrate the skin.

Soothing Cream: Our post-wax lotion contains Aloe Vera and zinc oxide, two soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients with regenerative properties. This makes it an excellent body moisturiser that also provides after-sun skin care. What's more, its beige pigments blend skin tone and provide a make-up effect, perfect for the first few days of holiday when our skin is not yet tan.

Ergonomic tweezers: It is a must-have item in any cosmetic bag. Our ergonomic tweezers can be used for a quick tidy-up following hair removal treatment, getting rid of even the shortest of hair.

This is our Depilève travel selection. Do you agree with our list of must-have products for your travel bag? Let us know what you think.


waxing tips

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