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Our skin needs to stay properly hydrated so it can act as a protective barrier against external elements and to slow down aging. Paraffin is one of the most effective treatments to achieve this.

Depilève paraffin treatments guarantee intense hydration of the skin. Its formulas are enriched with natural active ingredients that soothe, nourish and protect the skin, leaving it more elastic and rejuvenated. Find out about this specific line of cosmetics designed to offer professional skin care to hands, feet, face and extensive areas of the body.
Types of <br>Paraffin

Types of



What our customers say?

A few pumps, massage it in, and you're ready to go! Clean skin with no need to rinse. For me it's a staple in the treatment room for both waxing and paraffin. Guarantees peace of mind for the client and beautician.

Isabel, beautician.

The plus factors of this warmer are, firstly, the temperature control to one degree of precision, and, secondly, its size, meaning the client can fully immerse their hands or feet, without the product being too bulky.

Fernando, distributor.

Soft Cream is ideal for hot months and for clients that have any circulatory problems or are sensitive to high temperatures. It's really straightforward to use and spreads perfectly on the skin.

Pauline, student of aesthetics.

If Cleopatra were alive today... she would 100% be a fan of this paraffin and of Depilève! The most hydrating facial paraffin I've ever tried, with instant visible results and long-term benefits. I love it.

Gianni, fashion stylist.

It's more than just paraffin; it's a genuine thermal treatment with the benefits of aromatherapy: natural essences of avocado, peach and Monoï de Tahiti...This paraffin produces visible before and after results.

Ruth, beauty editor.

I bought it after having the Soft Bright paraffin treatment and it's been in my handbag ever since. I keep a spare one at the office. I love the texture and how bright and smooth it leaves my hands.

Annie, sales director.