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Who says that there is no room for innovation in the world of waxing?

Depilève presents the fourth generation of no-strip wax with the most advanced biotechnological active ingredients to rejuvenate and restore youthfulness and firmness to the skin, combining it with the most effective hair removal available until now, in turn creating the first concept of Skin Care Epilation .

Cerazyme is the first waxing system that looks after the skin, combining effective and pain-free waxing with exclusive cosmetic treatments for the face and body, offering a unique beauty salon experience.

The Cerazyme patented technology uses exclusive ingredients for skin care and cell regeneration. When hot wax is applied to the skin, the pores open and allow the active ingredients to reach even the deepest layers of the skin.

Waxing + Skin Care Treatment

Cosmetics laboratories work endlessly on trying to develop new, more effective and molecularly lighter active ingredients so that the skin can absorb them easier. However, permeating the deepest layers of the epidermis continues to be an uphill battle: how can we help them pass through the skin's natural barrier? Along these lines, mesotherapy and radiofrequency equipment, as well as other technological tools have been developed to act as "virtual needles", but which, of course, involve additional treatment cost for the professional and the clientele. Can you picture being able to inject these active ingredients into the deepest layers of the skin without any additional cost, whilst offering a pain-free and effective waxing treatment? Well now it's possible with Cerazyme.

Here's how
The patented formula of Cerazyme wax is the first in the world to mix water-soluble ingredients in an oil-soluble base. This means that today it is finally possible to offer cosmetic treatments alongside waxing.

The first benefit of using this wax is that its osmotic property is harnessed as a vehicle for active ingredients. Thanks to the open pores, thousands of micro-channels are formed through which the active ingredients infiltrate, while the increased blood flow enables them to reach all points of the epidermis. In turn, the wax creates an osmotic layer on the skin that prevents the loss of active ingredients and enables them to be absorbed by the heat effect, working as an actual cosmetic mask.

The second benefit is linked to the fact that this patented wax formula is made up of a synthetic resin that, once subjected to a specific temperature, can be applied in extra thin layers, covering only the hair, making removal virtually painless. This temperature is ideal for open pores (making it easier to remove the hair) and increasing blood flow to offer a pleasant experience, making it ideal for the most sensitive skin types.
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What our customers say?

Using a body serum before moisturising was a first for me. It's great because it leaves your skin feeling extra firm and moisturised, doing the same trick as skincare for your face. And the roll-on makes it really easy.

Dorianne, blogger.

You can't go wrong with this wax: its change in colour when ready to be removed (dark to light purple) makes it really easy for the beautician to know when the active ingredients have penetrated the skin. It's perfect!

Lola, student of aesthetics.

Eye make-up, long-lasting lipstick or waterproof mascara...this make-up remover can tackle everything. It's also extra soft on the skin. The dispenser is really practical as it means you only use the required amount.

Eva, journalist.

I bought it in the salon after waxing with Depilbright and I use it twice a day after washing my face and before using moisturising cream. After regular use, you start seeing the results and stop seeing skin spots.

Alex, designer.

Just when you think all has been invented, this great wax comes along that is like a mask for the skin, but far better: it's more than a 2-in-1; it depigments, moisturises and nourishes skin, painlessly removing hair.

Chris, distributor.

My favourite thing about this moisturiser is that it brightens the face more or less straight away, giving it a no-shine glow. I always use it as a day cream because it also has built in SPF 20.

Suzanne, marketing manager.