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Benefits / key points

Universal 100ml size fits most cartridge warmers.

Thin, cost-effective application with no drag on the skin.

Fast roller technique saves time and money.

Depilève Roll-on icon

Life can be a roller coaster. But for super-speedy, economical strip waxing, Depilève roller waxes help you enjoy the ride.


With the same high quality and exceptional performance a sour spatula waxes, we offer a variety of textures, bases and innovative ingredients that are sure to surprise and delight your clientele. Let’s rock (and roll).

What’s the difference between Depilève roll-on formulas?

We’re glad you asked! Here’s a quick explainer:
-Rosin waxes contain a traditional pine resin base as the main ingredient, plus beeswax.
NG waxes are formulated with a new generation blend of rosin derivatives and microcry stalline waxes.
Crystal Marine features purely mineral resins, for clients with an intolerance tocolophony.
– When every penny counts, Roll & Go is our budget-friendly line of bio-based waxes enriched with mineral oil.
-Different combinations of ingredients allow for different melting points, fluidity and adherence, guaranteeing you’ll find the perfect fit for you and your customers!