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Benefits / key points

Disposable, hygienic and cost-effective.

Quick melting, low temperature formulations.

Ultra-fluid consistency for maximum coverage.

Recommended for speed waxing of the legs, arms, backs and chests.

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As pioneers in natural strip waxing more than50 years ago, here at Depilève we know a thing or two about the art of hair removal.


With Depilève strip waxes, you can provide your clients with fast and efficient epilation, without compromising on quality or comfort. The high fluidity of our waxes ensures your spatula glides smoothly over every body contour, adhering perfectly to the hair and releasing cleanly from the skin. With an enviable selection of formulas, in cans and cartridges, scented or unfragranced, creamy and honey-like…some might say we continue to set the benchmark to which others aspire.