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Your favourite sandals, your feet and our paraffin

Your favourite sandals, your feet and our paraffin

By Depilève

For many people, the most interesting part of a change of wardrobe lies in footwear. For all those women, and men, who love shoes, the arrival of better weather also means forgetting about boots and socks and welcoming numerous possibilities: sandals, espadrilles, mules, pumps, platform shoes... Don´t you just want to wear them all already?!

But, hang on! Have you looked after your feet during the months of tights and socks? Don´t wait a second longer; visit your nearest Depilève salon and have a paraffin treatment for your feet.

When paraffin is heated, it activates blood flow, opens pores and enhances the permeation of the skin, making the active ingredients absorb quickly. It's acts like a mini-sauna that also gets rid of toxins. Afterwards, the skin is sealed, staying optimally hydrated for longer. It also gives you a great deal of softness.

If you have to do a hydration rescue treatment before bringing out your sandals, we recommend our paraffin with lavender essential oil, a deep moisturising and therapeutic treatment based on the purifying and soothing properties of lavender essential oil. The formula is enriched with hemp oil, which hydrates, nourishes and regenerates, as well as grape seed oil, which is one of the most powerful antioxidants.

If during the winter you have done your homework and taken care of your feet, you must continue to look after them during summer. You already know that by freeing your feet from the protection of closed footwear, your skin dries out much more easily and the dreaded cracks can appear.

If you want to avoid this, while treating yourself to an incredibly refreshing treatment for the summer, try the Tea Tree Paraffin, our paraffin with tea tree oil. Its energising and stimulating effect thanks to the ginger and thyme essential oil, as well as the antiseptic properties of the tea tree itself, cleanse and protect the skin of the feet whilst providing a refreshing sensation.

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waxing tips

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