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Trapped hair: find out how to prevent and treat it

Trapped hair: find out how to prevent and treat it

By Depilève

Folliculitis, embedded hair, ingrown it however you like. We have all suffered from this skin condition at some point in our lives, whether after waxing, shaving or simply all of a sudden...and it's not one bit pleasant! We will go through the steps for how to prevent and tackle folliculitis to achieve smooth and healthy skin.

Why does hair become trapped?

Folliculitis is inflammation of the hair follicle. After waxing or shaving, or when a hair grows naturally, sometimes it is unable to break through the epidermal barrier and, therefore, come to the surface. The follicle becomes infected, resulting in spots, pustules and even cysts, which are at times extremely painful.

Where on the skin does it happen most?

This condition is prone to appear on areas that are most exposed to waxing or shaving: legs, calves, groin, armpits, back, neck and beard area...and also on areas that suffer most from chafing or a lack of breathability.

It can also occur on areas that we remove hair from using tweezers, especially if we do so against the direction of hair growth, such as eyebrows, upper lip or chin.

How can we prevent ingrown hairs?

  • Regularly exfoliating our skin helps remove layers of dead cells from our skin, which often prevent the hair from breaking through the surface.
  • Avoiding shaving as much as possible. For men, always shaving the face in the direction of hair growth, not in the opposite direction.
  • After shaving, using cleansing and soothing products, like our Tea Tree Gel, and then a special treatment with antiseptic properties that gently exfoliates and prevents the spread of bacteria that causes infection in the skin. The best? Our Folisan.
  • Wearing cotton underwear will help prevent folliculitis in the groin.
  • Applying a deodorant for sensitive skin to the armpits to protect and soothe hair follicles in the region.
  • Maintaining high levels of hygiene with knives, epilators, spatulas and any other waxing tool.

How to treat folliculitis

At times there is nothing we can do to prevent an ingrown hair from forming. To tackle it as soon as possible, and to make sure the infection does not get worse, you should keep the area completely clean and moisture-free. Afterwards, apply Folisan two or three times a day until the hair breaks through the skin surface.

It is crucial to avoid bursting the spots or trying to remove the hair with force using tweezers or a pin; you could make the situation much worse. If the area does not improve after several days, ask your doctor to assess the condition and, depending on the case, recommend a course of oral antibiotics.


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